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Floris School Eagles Soar in Science - Source Connection news papers

Posted on Feb 27,2019
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(From left) Riya Nanduri, 5 and Vritika Chilukamarri, 5 of Herndon explain their procedures and the purpose, hypothesis and conclusion for their Rainbow Walking Water Project. Photo by Mercia Hobson.

Source Connection news papers

By Mercia Hobson

Floris Elementary School held its 10th Annual Science Fair Thursday evening, Feb. 21. "This is the biggest Science Fair ever," said Principal Gail Porter. Started in 2010 with 50 teams according to the organizer, Michele Bolos, CEO of NT Concepts, Inc., the fair grew to 101 teams with 260 children this year.

"The Floris School Science Fair is a great opportunity for our students to show off a variety of projects that apply their independent scientific research," said Bolos. She explained men and women from professional field industries and students from local high school served as mentors to the budding scientists. "The Floris students agree that this is their favorite part of the fair and especially like when their mentors leave them written feedback," said Bolos.

PROJECT TITLES ranged from "Rainbow Walking Water" by Riya Nanduri, 5 and Vritika Chilukamarri 5, to “Video Game Science” by Nate Carbaugh, 12 and Cooper Guisti, 12. Carbaugh explained their project and how the scientific hypothesis did not stand when they tested it.

"Because my friend and I really like to play video games, we wanted to incorporate science into it. So we chose a game we thought would raise our blood pressure, "Fortnite." We chose another game that is called "Word Search." We found blood pressure decreases for most people (when playing the games), but pulse rises for both games.

In addition to the Projects, Floris Elementary School, home of the Eagles, welcomed Chris Powell, Floris parent and Children Science Center Board Member and Justin Tsuchida, Children Science Center Advisory Board member. They presented the "Vacuum Canon, an extended length of PVC piping with a ping pong ball placed at one end and both ends then sealed. After evacuating the air from the pipe with a vacuum pump and rupturing a seal, the ping pong ball shot across the gymnasium.

Source Connection news papers

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