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David Hazard Brings His Writing Expertise to Alexandria

Gale Curcio
By Gale Curcio
Posted on Jan 03,2012
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Photo by Gale Curcio<br /> <br />Book club members gather after the discussion with David Hazard.
Photo by Gale Curcio
Book club members gather after the discussion with David Hazard.

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - There is still time to sign up for David Hazard’s Writing Intensive Workshop that will be held at The Vanderzee Gallery at 105 S. Lee Street in Old Town, February 16 to 19.

This is the fourth year that the workshop has been held and the gallery lends itself to creativity. Writers work side by side with Rob Vanderzee as he paints – and some writers are also artists, as well.

“I help authors find the core energy of their book, and then create great outlines and marketing hooks for their work. In four days, writers learn the foundational tools for powerful narrative and essay writing,” said Hazard.

Photo by Gale Curcio<br /> <br />David Hazard talks to book club group in Alexandria.
Photo by Gale Curcio
David Hazard talks to book club group
in Alexandria.

“I will be helping new and aspiring authors to create outlines and marketing hooks for their work, as well as teaching the foundational tools for powerful narrative and essay writing,” said Hazard.
Lane Dolly took the course two years ago, and said, "David taught me the building blocks, the amino acids, if you will, of writing.  I feel much more capable and confidant now that the process makes sense and I have an idea of what to expect - from the process and from myself."
Another student, Kassie Brown, said, “David is a very passionate and inspirational teacher. I had never taken a creative writing course - and he really helped me find my true writing voice. I would definitely recommend him!”

Hazard said that he works with writers in this manner, “First, they attend the four-day workshop, with an idea – or a concept in the works. There, they begin to focus (on audience imperatives) and on structure... and pick up instruction on powerful narrative building.”
Some of the writers continue with the full Guided Writing Program After the workshop, they meet to continue the storyboarding process for three to four hours, to be sure the pace and rising-falling action of the narrative, and the characters, are on a dynamic course.  
David Hazard is the bestselling author of over 30 books (published in 21 languages) Hazard has connected with nearly a million readers.

Hazard’s 1984 book, Blood Brothers, led to a Nobel Peace Prize nomination for its subject, Dr. Elias Chacour, and is now published in 21 languages. Other bestsellers and award-winning books include: A Place Behind the World (1st Place, Fiction, ECPA); No Compromise: The Keith Green Story (over 1 million sold); Rekindling the Inner Fire, an 11-volume series (over 250,000 sold).

Last year, he joined an Alexandria book club for their reading of Blood Brothers and members said that it really enhanced the reading of the book by having the author available for questions.

Hazard also helps writers get published. To date, he has helped to launch and develop the careers of more than 200 writers during his 34 years in the publishing field. His success in coaching writers comes from his method of training, which engages the whole person, mind and body:

“First, open the writer’s mind and give them the means to develop their creative consciousness. This helps a writer locate the fires of their own creativity and sharpen their mental focus. Then you give them great writing techniques. Together — these are the skills that make for a strong writer.”

Hazard has coached everyone from Nobel-nominated peacemakers, to Hollywood celebrities, to political figures, to the undiscovered everyday writer—including the mega-million-selling author Stormie Omartian and the cohost of A & E Channel’s ‘Intervention’ Jeff VanVonderen.

He has also coached government officials, actors and celebrities, novelists, financial and economic experts, children's authors, international diplomats, news correspondents, psychologists and counselors, pop music stars, motivational speakers, sports figures, spiritual teachers and theologians, and everyday men and women with poignant memoirs to publish.

Hazard also offers free Writing Retreat Days at his house in Loudoun County; it’s an opportunity for writers to get away to a lovely location and work.
“When you have completed you manuscript, we meet for a full walk through, to make final important smoothing changes,” said Hazard. “You will also attend a Publishing Essentials Workshop, in which I instruct you in the important basics of creating a professional publishing proposal.”
Hazard has consulted with publishers such as Doubleday, HarperCollins, Random House, Thomas Nelson and others.

For information call Ascent at 540-454-4495 or visit

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