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DASH Bus Seeks Feedback On Potential Route Changes - Source Patch

Posted on Feb 27,2019
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DASH Bus and the city seek feedback on two possible new bus route concepts. (Emily Leayman-Patch)

Source Patch

By Emily Leayman

ALEXANDRIA, VA. — Since last year, the city, DASH and other transit partners have been developing two possible new bus route concepts for the Alexandria Transit Vision. The two concepts, which would alter DASH bus routes, were developed after receiving public input. Now the city and DASH are seeking feedback on the concepts compared to the current bus route system.

The two proposed concepts are a Ridership concept and a Coverage concept. The Ridership concept focuses on a bus system consolidated into places where the most people work and live. While service would be frequent, the areas bus routes cover wouldn't be as widespread.

The Coverage concept focuses on providing most areas with a route nearby. This would reduce walking distance and potential transfers for riders. However, there could be longer waits due to less frequent service.

Alexandria residents can take an online survey to rate the concepts. They survey shows maps of the current DASH system and the proposed Ridership and Coverage concepts throughout the city. Participants can also identify their priorities for transit improvement, such as more weekday service, consistent route all day, and service in busy areas. The survey is open through March 18.

Source Patch

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