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Can the cherry blossoms survive this cold, snowy week? - Source Washington post

Posted on Mar 15,2017
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Ice covers cherry blossoms near the Jefferson Memorial after a snow and ice storm hit the nation’s capital on March 14, 2017. (Win Mcnamee/Getty Images)

Source Washington post

By Perry Stein

WASHINGTON, DC. - The fragile but apparently resilient cherry blossoms survived this past weekend’s frigid temperatures and Monday’s snow. The lingering question is whether they will persist through the rest of the week’s cold snap.

“I am hopeful that they won’t freeze off,” said Michael Stachowicz, the turf specialist for the National Park Service in Washington. “We are going to have to get through these next few days and see what happens.”

Once budding cherry blossoms are exposed to temperatures below 27 degrees for a half-hour, 10 percent can be damaged. Sustained colder weather over multiple days can leave 90 percent of those blossoms so damaged that they will not bloom.

Source Washingtonian

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