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All Park, No Plan in Arlington? - Source Connection news papers

Posted on Jan 03,2018
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New Pentagon City open space. Photo contributed

Source Connection news papers

By Vernon Miles

ARLINGTON, VA. - In one of his last votes in office, County Board Chair Jay Fisette voted against a new park space and urged other members of the County Board to vote in favor.

At the Arlington County Board meeting on Dec. 19, the county voted to approve a $1.2 million purchase of a vacant lot and adjacent parcel to create a new park in Pentagon City. The new one-quarter acre lot, currently occupied by one house, will be cleared for a green open space for public usage. There are no current plans for any amenities or additional work to be done at the park, and it left several County Board members confused and concerned about its consideration as a park.

“Someone, maybe the [Department of] Parks and Recreation, suggested that [our goal] is so many acres of park each year,” said Fisette. “To me, that’s not a very good way to go about doing business. Do it either with a strategic sense in mind or an opportunistic one. Do not just get a certain number of parcels no matter where they are. Here … it wasn’t in any kind of plan, we weren’t on the look-out for it, so what are the criteria besides it being available?”

Source Connection news papers

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