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Alexandria Resident and Mom Prepares to Bring Children’s Arts and Crafts Franchise Kidcreate Studio to Her Community

Posted on Aug 02,2019
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ALEXANDRIA, VA. - Diane Greenbaum left her corporate career behind when she realized her current goals no longer matched the ambitions she’d formed early in her career. It was time to blaze a new trail that would reward her business experience and balance work with family time. The network of moms she’d built up through her young son, now three years old, revealed an opportunity in the children’s activities space.

"I started thinking, if I wanted to do something on my own, what would that look like? Pondering that eventually led me to the children’s activities space," Greenbaum said. "Considering the network of moms and moms in business I’d grown since having a child and knowing all of the services and things you utilize as a parent, I thought it was a great space to explore."

Instead of starting from scratch, Greenbaum sought out a proven business and found Kidcreate Studio. She immediately realized the brand would be a great fit for her family-centric Alexandria community and is exploring real estate in Alexandria in which to open her center.

"Alexandria is a beautiful area where people heavily invest in their children’s development, not just educationally, but experientially," Greenbaum said. "Parents here want their kids to learn in different ways and want those experiences to add value to their child’s life."

Beyond just her forthcoming studio space, Greenbaum is looking forward to bringing Kidcreate Studio's curriculum elsewhere in the community with the brand's on-the-go program. She's currently exploring her partnership options with youth enrichment programs in local elementary, preschools, and public recreation organizations in the area.

Greenbaum hopes her Kidcreate Studio location opening in Alexandria is the first of several she can bring to the greater D.C. area.

"Within two to five years, my goal is for this location to be running smoothly to the point where I can open two more locations in the D.C. area," Greenbaum said. "I’d look at areas like Fairfax and Loudoun County in Northern Virginia and maybe Bethesda or Upper Marlboro in Maryland. There’s so much potential here."

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