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Alexandria Mayor Justin Wilson Talks Priorities for 2020

Posted on Jan 03,2020
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Chris Militzer/Miliman12 Photography
City of Alexandria Mayor Justin Wilson.
Source Alexandria living magazine


ALEXANDRIA, VA. - Some backlash by Alexandria residents against the narrowing of Seminary Road has not surprised Alexandria Mayor Justin Wilson, he said Tuesday in an interview about his priorities for the City of Alexandria in 2020.

In September, Alexandria City Council approved reconfiguration of the road from four lanes to three lanes (one lane in each direction plus a center turn lane) to reduce speeding, add pedestrian crossings and enhance mobility and safety for bicyclists. Ongoing work to the project includes adjustments to signal timing at St. Stephens Road, Quaker Lane and Howard Street.

Since then, a Facebook group called Alexandria Residents Against the Seminary Road Diet was created, numbering more than 1,000, along with signs and the hashtag "#Justinstrafficjam" popping up online and around the community in yards and on fences.

Source Alexandria living magazine

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