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Alexandria issues Metro shutdown progress report, surveys commuters

Posted on Jun 07,2019
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Source Wtop

By Michelle Basch

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - Morning travel times on Alexandria’s main north-south roadways were generally 15% to 30% longer than usual last week, but evening rush travel times in those corridors varied from 30% higher to 30% lower than usual.

Overall, the city said it looks like the worst traffic delays were not directly connected to the summer shutdown of six Metro stations south of Reagan National.

These details come from Alexandria’s summary of the first week of those Metro service changes.

It also said Blue Line shuttles carried 6,000 to 7,000 riders per weekday last week, thousands of people took the water taxi to and from The Wharf in D.C., and the number of cyclists using the Potomac Avenue Trail was up more than 80% over the same time last year.

Source Wtop

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