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Zimmerman loves his Miley

Posted on Jan 29,2009
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Washington Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman

Recently Alexandria resident and Washington Nationals third baseman  Ryan Zimmerman took his 7 month old white bulldog Miley to the Ophthalmologist at Eye Care for Animals in Springfield.

Miley went to visit Dr. Andrew Greller, a board certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist.
Miley was diagnosed with Ectopic Cilia in both eyes, which causes the eyelash to rub against the eye whenever she blinks or sleeps. She also has Distichia in both eyes; this is a condition in which extra eyelashes appear along the lid margin where they should not grow.

Both conditions may cause excessive tearing, discomfort, and ocular scarring. Serious injury to the eye, particularly the cornea, may also occur. Early eye damage often is not readily apparent and may be detected only with the aid of special optical instruments.
Thus, appropriate treatment can be initiated before serious damage may occur. Miley underwent Cyroepilation surgery to fix these two common problems.

Cryoepilation is the application of a nitrous oxide gas probe which freezes the hair follicles, which then are surgically removed. It has been reported that with Cryoepilation, up to 90 percent of the treated distichia lashes do not re-grow, and repeat surgical treatment is seldom required

Eye Care for Animals recently participated in the 2008 Kansas City Missouri Walk for Multiple Sclerosis and will donate a portion of Miley’s bill to the ziMS Foundation which was started by Ryan to help his mother and others affected by Multiple Sclerosis.

For more information regarding Eye Care for Animals visit
For more information regarding The ZiMS Foundation visit:

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