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36 Ways to Spend a Bajillion Dollars in Washington - Source Washingtonian

Posted on Nov 09,2017
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Illustrations by Jason Schneider.

Source Washingtonian


WASHINGTON, DC. - Washington thinks of itself as a city of power rather than wealth, where folks spend trillions in taxpayer money, then drive home in sensible mid-market cars. In recent decades, that vibe has been harder to maintain. Yet the glittery new Washington remains a place still not quite used to over-the-top displays of deep pockets. But that doesn’t mean they don’t happen. Look closely and you’ll find that Washington hosts a whole economy of splendor—including a few things the rest of us might even get to try on a splurge (strictly in the name of anthropology, of course). Here’s a sampling.

Task Rabbit on a Champagne Budget

Jim Spiro, founder of Platinum Lifestyle Management, will do just about anything for his customers—at $500 a month for five client-chosen tasks or $1,000 a month for unlimited service.

“We have keys to all of our clients’ homes so we can come and go. How many times do people stress about needing to work late while their dry cleaning is ready at the shop? We can pick it up and drop it off at their house. If they’re driving and the service light comes on, we can take their car in. They just make one phone call or text message. Once, a client’s hot-water heater went out at 11 pm. We got someone out to vacuum up the water, turn the water off, and the next day put a new water heater in. One of my clients called me her ‘rent-a-husband’ because we take care of everything. We become like a part of their family.”

Conspicuous Condo Consumption

Five of the highest-end high-rise amenities right now.

1. The sommelier in residence.

At downtown Bethesda’s the Lauren, Jarad Slipp, one of the world’s 236 master sommeliers, does tastings and consultations in the wine room, where residents can use a private wine locker when their fridge is full. 4901 Hampden La., Bethesda.

Source Washingtonian

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