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Wayne Fisher / Wayne Fisher’s American Design

Posted on Jan 02,2008
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Wayne Fisher’s American Design
128 South Royal Street
Alexandria VA 22314
(703) 836-6043

About Wayne:
Wayne Fisher has been in the business of collecting and selling Americana for nearly 30 years. A life-long artist, his keen eye has led him to his profession.  His métier extends beyond his shop – his business also includes: in-house design consulting, market-value appraisals, and space planning for collections in home and office. Wayne has a rare gift - an instinctive ability to spot beautiful and unusual utilitarian objects from our country’s past, and the enthusiasm, patience, and passion needed to present and educate novice collectors interested in the field of Americana.

About Wayne Fisher’s American Design:
Wayne’s shop has been a fixture of Royal Street for many years. His first space was a few doors down from the present but, as is with collecting, he outgrew it and had to move to his current (larger) address. From weather vanes and whirligigs, to cupboards and chairs, his space is filled with an impressive collection of three centuries of country, folk, decorative art and Americana.

Business philosophy:
“A large segment of collectors want to buy from a knowledgeable purveyor & not a shop sitter. Thus, I’ve always been a “one-man show”. My customers come to me because they want the “real thing”, not a reproduction”, Wayne told us. While browsing the store we espied a notice, written in chalk, that Wayne had written on a child’s 19th century chalk slate. “Just say “no” to mass-marketed, mass-produced, tacky knock-offs!”

Why did you choose to do this?
Art has been part of Wayne’s life from as far back as he can remember. One of his first memories as a young child is decorating his room with interesting found objects. He continued his love of art through school, ending up with a Doctorate in Art History and a Master’s in Painting. Why Americana? “There is often a brilliant simplicity or understated elegance to Americana which for the most part is the self-taught expression that has some how defied the ravages of time and survived. I’ve always felt I have a spiritual connection with utilitarian, stylish artifacts of history and the art of the common man.”

Why Alexandria?
“I came down on a visit from New York in 1976, when Alexandria was going through an earlier revitalization, and was struck by the charm and grace of the city. Selling real Americana in the heart of one of the nation’s most historic communities seemed like the perfect fit!. I just went “Wow!” I moved shortly thereafter and have been here now for 27 years.”

Funny/interesting Story?
“Too many! Although I still have that “Eureka!” moment when you find something really valuable in a very unexpected place. It’s amazing how things end up in my discovery zone!”

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