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Robyn Webb / A Pinch of Thyme Culinary Services

Posted on Oct 09,2007
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Robyn Webb / Robyn Webb Associates and A Pinch of Thyme Culinary Services
308 South Payne Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

About Robyn:
Cookbook author, Nutritionist and owner of A Pinch of Thyme Culinary services, Robyn Webb has been a leader in the field of food and health in the Alexandria community for more than 16 years. She’s been profiled by every major media outlet and her publishing history is outstanding.  Author of 10 books on cooking for people with diabetes, her publishers include the prestigious American Diabetes Association, Readers Digest and the Cleveland Clinic.  She’s written for many major food magazines including Cooking Light.  She is a regular guest of NBC’s Morning Show in Philadelphia PA and has appeared on numerous shows including QVC, CNN, ABC, ESPN, Lifetime Television and more. In addition to her publishing and media work, Robyn is a well sought after cooking teacher.  She teaches clients in the privacy of their own home for one-on-one or group lessons.  Her lessons are customized to meet her clients’ needs and are a perfect idea for your next get-together with friends, or for a birthday party, shower or other special occasion. She is also one of the core teachers for the Sur La Table cookware store in Arlington’s Pentagon Row. 

Her expertise as a private nutritionist expands over 20 years of experience in the field of weight loss, cholesterol management, allergies, pregnancy and most notably, diabetes.  Currently she is the National Spokesperson for Glucerna food products; a line of diabetes food products available nationwide.
She may be reached through her website or call 703-683-5034 to inquire about all her services.

Business Philosophy:
“In the health care world, the most important philosophy to follow is the most simple: just take care of your clients.  They are coming to you for your particular expertise, so treat them with care and kindness. When people tell me it must be so nice to be your own boss all these years, my response is that I am NOT my own boss; I have hundreds of bosses: my clients!”   

Why did you choose to do this?
“I grew up in the hotel business, so food was very central to my growing up (and gourmet food at that).  But with health problems in my family, most notably heart disease and diabetes, I became fully aware that the food was killing us!! I started rather young exploring natural foods and saw what a difference it could make in your health.  But the food needs to be flavorful and good, and hence I became committed as a career to spread that word.”
Why Alexandria?
“My husband lived here when I first met him 19 years ago.  I moved down from Rockville to be with him and then we married.  Alexandria is a wonderful place to live and work.  While I do have clients all over the Metro area, my Alexandria clients are among my most interested and savvy group of clients.  And Alexandrian’s interest in health and food is apparent; just take a look of how many people are out on the wonderful bike path and how jammed the aisles are at Whole Foods.  Alexandria is a fabulous community filled with dynamic people!

Funny/Interesting Story?
Gosh, good question!  Hmmm… let me “stew” over that one!!!

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