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Rich Linger/ Famous Dave's

Posted on Apr 29,2008
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Rich Linger/ Famous Dave's

6630 Richmond Highway
Alexandria VA 22306

About Rich:

Rich grow up in Maryland and at the age of 20 he became “famous”. He joined the Famous Dave’s team. He worked at their Annapolis and Laurel restaurants before finally settling in Alexandria, at the age of 30, as the General Manager. Listening to Rich makes understand why Famous Dave’s has loyal and creative staff. Rich spoke with passion about Famous Dave’s environment, commitment to the community and their search for the holly grail of smoking meats.

About Famous Dave’s:

Dave Anderson, founder of Famous Dave's, lives for barbeque. Growing up in Chicago, home of the Blues, Dave's passion for ribs began as a young boy when his dad would bring ribs home from work in his lunch bucket. His dad would get the best tasting slow-smoked spareribs from street corner vendors who used 55 gallon smokers filled with charcoal and smoldering green hickory wood. They were the legendary ribs just like the champion pitmasters used to smoke way down in the deep South. Realizing that his dream was to one day open his own barbeque restaurant, Dave spent more than 25 years of his adult life searching all over the country for the best barbeque and feasting on a variety of smoked meats before opening his first place in Wisconsin in 1994. Famous Dave’s is now operating 169 locations across 35 states but every store feels unique and special. Let me tell you if you have not tried their beef brisket, you are missing on a great food experience. I got the brisket last week and I am still thinking about it. If you are looking for a great barbeque experience whether beef, chicken or pork you will find it at Famous Dave’s. If you are looking for somebody to go with, let us know at local Kicks. We are always ready to go there. By the way, they cater too… Did you hear that sports fans, why spend 11 hours smoking a beef brisket if you can get a better tasting one at famous Dave’s delivered to your party.

Business Philosophy:

At Famous Dave’s, you will get the best barbeque food while having fun and being part of the community. Famous Dave’s has always been part of their communities. They host a lot of Rib and barbeque tastings for the benefit of the March of Dimes charity.

Why did you choose to do this?

“After joining Famous Dave’s and being part of the team, I could not leave” Rich Said “Their commitment to the community and team members and passion for what they do is legendary”. “They care about their people and they take interest in their professional growth” added Rich. Rich has been with Famous Dave’s for 10 years now.

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