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Peter Durkin / Chadwicks

Posted on Jan 28,2008
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203 The Strand
Alexandria, VA 22314

About Peter:
Before he became the General Manager at Chadwicks, Peter was no stranger to the restaurant business.  Peter grew up working as a chef and actually opened his own restaurant in Atlantic City.  After running his own restaurant he found his way to Alexandria by taking a job for McCormick and Schmidt which he soon left to become the chef and then later the GM for Chadwicks Restaurant.  “I had to leave McCormick and Schmidt because I was tired of fish,” says Peter.

About Chadwicks:
There are three other Chadwicks in the DC area, but Chadwicks of Old Town has been around for the past 30 years, next to the original Chadwicks in Georgetown, which has been around for 40 years.  Although there are several Chadwicks restaurant in the area it’s not a chain nor does it have that corporate feel.  Chadwicks prides itself on being the friendly neighborhood restaurant.  “Because we are not right on King Street we get a high amount of local loyalty,” says Peter.  To add, Chadwicks has a “hip beer list and an expansive menu.”

Business Philosophy:
“We like to think of ourselves as a family friendly, not portentous, restaurant,” says Peter.  Chadwicks serves top quality food in a comfortable atmosphere. 

Why did you choose to do this?
“I have been a chef all of my life.  I was a chef for my first couple of jobs and I would say that my two favorite things in the world are food and beverages,” says Peter. 

Why Alexandria?
McCormick and Schmidt brought Peter to the area, but he stayed because he fell I love with Old Town.  “It’s a sweet old fashion city, but without the city feel,” says Peter. 

Chadwicks Event:
Chadwicks will now be hosting a DJ and dancing every Saturday night from 10pm – 2am.  It’s about time we get some more dancing in Old Town since Bullfeathers. 


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