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Neya Moore / Bittersweet

Posted on Sep 11,2007
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Neya Moore / Bittersweet

823 King Street

Alexandria, VA 22314

(703) 549-2708



About Neya:

“I’ve been with Bittersweet for 4 years now. I moved to the area after graduating from SUNY Albany in upstate NY. I came down here and immediately fell in love with the area and its growth opportunities. I came to Bittersweet and began working in the catering division for two years and then I was promoted to House Manager. We’ve been doing great and we have also expanded our hours of operation, offering dinner for over a year now!”


About Bittersweet:

Bittersweet is really three businesses in one: It’s a café, a bakery, and a catering service, all seamlessly integrated into one address. The Cafe serves soups, salads and sandwiches, all using fresh ingredients. The Bakery delivers up fresh cakes, cupcakes, cookies and pastries daily. Catering does it all – Breakfast, lunch, dinner, or anything in-between – including awesome parties.


“We’re coming up on our 25th anniversary (Bittersweet started in 1983). It started as a sandwich shop in the window around the corner, where the baker now preps, and has been growing ever since. Catering has always been an essential part of the business which works closely with the retail end - together we won Alexandria’s 2006 Hospitality Business of the Year Award. We’ve recently added an online ordering system for the café which enables our clients to process their transactions online and eliminates having to waiting in-line!”


Business Philosophy:

“Upon leaving Bittersweet, we want our customers to have had the Bittersweet Experience – good food, great value and excellent service. We want everything here to have that “fresh, homemade” feel to it. We use only quality ingredients, and we try to accommodate our client’s wishes (such as keeping our cases chock-full of assorted jumbo cupcakes). We’re always following the latest trends and diets, and even creating our own.”


Why did you choose to do this?

“I like the whole process, the whole production and most importantly we work well as a team, it takes a lot to run this show every day and, here every hand counts. It makes me proud when I see what we accomplish every day. There’s a real feeling of achievement when you think about all the people we feed on a daily basis.”


Why Alexandria?

Alexandria and Bittersweet chose me. With everything the two have to offer, it made my decision to move here very easy.” 


Interesting Story?

“I’m really excited about our new state of the art online ordering system that was developed for the café, our clients are so impressed and it has really caught-on. Order, pay online, walk in and walk out with your food - what could be quicker and easier!”

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