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Mary Reid / Del Merei Grille

Posted on Feb 26,2008
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Del Merei Grille
3106 Mount Vernon Ave.
Alexandria, VA 22305

About Mary:
When starting Del Merei Grille, Mary became a third generation local restaurant owner in her family.  Mary’s parents currently own and operate Monroe’s Restaurant on Commonwealth Ave. and her grandparents ran the Vienna Inn.  Before Mary started Del Merei Grille she had her mind set that she was not going to get into the restaurant business.  After graduating from the University of Virginia she ended up in Manhattan where she worked in sports marketing for Sports Illustrated.  During this period Mary found herself missing the restaurant business and at the same time the restaurant that her aunt and uncle had sold previously was up for sale again.  So when this opportunity arose Mary took it and turned it into the Del Merei Grille. 

About Del Merei Grille:
Del Merei Grille has now taken the place of the Calvert Grill and has just celebrated its 3rd anniversary this past February 15th.  When asked what kind of cuisine they serve Mary said, “we serve grilled American with a southern flare and every thing is made in house.” 

Business Philosophy:
“We wanted to create a feel of neighborhood dining with a comfortable setting and good service.  We can take reservations, but like to push walk-ins to keep that local friendly feeling,” says Mary.  You can tell that you are in a friendly environment when you see Mary walking around the restaurant greeting and chatting with customers.  

Why did you choose to do this?
“I love people and I love good food and I missed that while I was away.  I realized that work is work, but with friends and family, even though it’s a challenge, its still fun.  It is also extremely rewarding to have people in my restaurant enjoying their food and their time here,” says Mary.

Why Alexandria?
“First off, I was born and raised here.  This is where all of my friends and family are and when I first started the restaurant I knew people would come because they knew me and now they come back because they like the food.”

Funny Story:
When Del Merei Grille was first started, it was run by friends.  Soon after the restaurant was up and running Mary was married to the chef’s brother taking the restaurant from run by friends to run by family.  Recently a new addition has been added to the family when Mary had her first baby boy, who is now famous at the restaurant.

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