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Kristian Dixon / Why the Rooster Crows

Posted on Apr 01,2008
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Why the Rooster Crows
2104 Mt. Vernon Ave.
Alexandria, VA 22301

About Kristian Dixon:
Kristian has always had a passion for design.  Her dream was to attend school for design, but ended up going for business instead.  This did not stop her from following her passion.  She even found a way to work in design while working for the Gazette paper, which she did for 13 years.  While working for the paper, Kristian opened her first shop in Arlington selling antiques that she fixed up.  After the building was sold, Kristian gave up her dream until she was in St. Michaels and came across the perfect shop that made her realize how much she missed having her own shop.  Kristian then opened up Why the Rooster Crows in Alexandria on the corner of Cameron and Fairfax.

About Why the Rooster Crows:
Why the Rooster Crows has been expanding so much that they have gone through three different buildings in Alexandria.  They started on the corner of Cameron and Fairfax and then expanded to a larger space on Royal Street and now they have expanded to a two level space on Mt. Vernon Ave. in Del Ray.  Why the Rooster Crows specializes in family friendly functional furniture and accessories.  “I think the styles fit better in Del Ray because they are more of a farmhouse and cottage look.  I also have a huge baby section and I do interior design with nurseries as well as real family space,” says Kristian.  With all of the new space Kristian now has room for a design center.

Business Philosophy:
“My business philosophy is to have fun.  I enjoy meeting everyone who walks in the door, which is the best part of my day.  Before when I worked for the Gazette I was only the buyer, but now that I work in the shop.  “It is nice meeting customers and turning them into friends,” says Kristian. 

Why did you choose to do this?
“It’s my passion, I love to shop and decorate and having a store combines the two,” says Kristian.  Kristian also chose to open up this shop because she did not like the idea of everyone buying the same generic stuff from Pottery Barn or Ikea just because the prices were more reasonable.  The Rooster Crows has unique items at the same reasonable prices with many more options to choose from.  “This way you don’t have guests at your home saying that they saw your new couch in the Pottery Barn catalog,” says Kristian

Why Alexandria?
“It’s a great place.  I have been here 20 years and have loved it.  You are right next to the city and I love the old fashion avenue feel of Del Ray,” says Kristian.  

Where did you get the name Why the Rooster Crows?
“I like roosters so while coming up with a name of the shop I was trying to fit that into it and I asked the question “why do roosters crow.”  From that question Kristian came up with the name.  “To this day I am not happy with the name because people are always confused with what kind of a shop I have.  They ask me if it’s a breakfast place so I’m going to have to try and get people to start calling it The Rooster,” says Kristian.

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