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Karen Gardiner / L&G Designs

Posted on Nov 29,2007
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Karen Gardiner / L&G Designs
(703) 772-0127

About Karen:
I am originally from the Philadelphia area and moved to Alexandria in 1987.  My major concern upon settling into the area was figuring out how I was going to feed my Philly cheese steak addiction.  Once I discovered Al’s Steaks in Del Ray, I felt more at home!  It didn’t take long for me to consider myself an Alexandrian, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. 

I earned my degree in elementary school education, but when I moved to this area, I transitioned to the world of association management.  I worked for several associations where I became well-versed in project management, staffing boards and committees and multi-tasking under pressure. 

My experience working for associations provided the perfect foundation for becoming a professional organizer.

About L & G Designs:
My sister, Margi Lambert and I started our company six years ago. L & G Designs specializes in creating rooms with distinctive personality and superior function.  We assist our clients to achieve their decorating goals with custom-designed murals and unique design solutions that capture the look they have always wanted.  We encourage all clients to focus on an important design element – organization – when planning a new space or re-designing existing spaces.  When organization is folded into a room’s plan, the everyday clutter can be managed and the beauty of the room’s design can take center stage.

My main focus is managing the organizing side of the business.  L & G Designs offers a wide range of professional organizing services to help both residential and business clients gain control over clutter.  Not only does clutter negatively impact the look of a space, but clutter can also wreak havoc on us.  Clutter can be oppressive, but the good news is there are ways to handle it so that it doesn’t control us or our spaces. 

Our most frequent request for organizing services is physical space organizing - the de-cluttering, purging and sorting that is the backbone of organizing a space.  As our company has grown, our organizing services have naturally evolved to include a full portfolio of services including clients who want assistance with managing paper, moves, staging homes, and short- and long-term help with organizing schedules and managing small and large projects. 

Business Philosophy:
I derive great satisfaction in meeting and exceeding the goals and expectations of my clients.  It is very rewarding to see how clients have successfully implemented organizational strategies and systems that will serve them well over the long-term.  I believe strongly in the power that organization has on a person’s outlook, productivity and stress level; for an organized space can create a domino effect to improve other areas in a person’s life.

Why did you choose to do this?
I wanted to start a business where I could utilize my skills in a rewarding manner and also have flexibility to be in control of my time.  I got married in my mid 30s and had two children in my late 30s, and arranging a flexible schedule became a priority.  Becoming a professional organizer was a perfect fit for me because I am passionate about this work; I believe in its power, and I have seen first-hand how professional organizing can positively impact a person’s life. 

Why Alexandria?
Most of my client base is in Alexandria, but I do work throughout the WDC area.  My sister resides in the Philly area, and therefore the design arm of the business is up there.  She does have business in the WDC area, and we have found that offering each other’s services to our clients is a nice value-added element, and sets us apart within our professions.  With the Internet and digital photography, we can always call on each other for collaboration on projects.

Funny Story?
I’d have to say I literally fell into the field of organizing.  My sister had several design clients with some clutter issues and they kept asking Margi questions about storage and organizing.   She told them I can help you, but that really is my sister’s thing!  I did an Internet search and found the National Association of Professional Organizers, and voila, I discovered my life niche.

I look forward to writing bi-monthly for and having Margi contribute as well.  I understand an organizing forum is planned for the website where we can exchange ideas.  Also, please feel free to contact me directly at or 703-772-0127.

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