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John Hall / Jon’ Ric International Salon and Spa

Posted on Jan 08,2008
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Jon’ Ric International Salon and Spa
1561 Potomac Greens Drive
Alexandria, VA 22314

About John Hall:
After receiving a degree in finance from Old Dominion University, John Hall, The owner of Jon’ Ric International of Old Town, became a fulltime barber from 1997 to early 1999.  By mid 1999, Hall had a change of heart and decided to pursue his career in finance by getting a job at Chevy Chase Bank in Mclean.  After a four years career in finance that included government contracting for the State Department, Hall could not shake Barbering out his head and heart so he decided to open Jon’ Ric International. 

About Jon’ Ric International:
When Hall made his decision to move his career back to barbering he found a salon franchise with an opening in the Alexandria area.  He made the decision in September of 2004, “when Potomac Greens was still dirt,” and opened the salon in June of 2005 when all the construction for the area was finished.  Jon’ Ric International is now a full service salon.  “What sets this Jon’ Ric apart is that we are one of the few multicultural salons in the area,” says Hall.  

Business Philosophy:
“Customer service is our number one priority.  We want to please all and have you leave satisfied with a positive experience.”  Jon’ Ric is a family salon.

Why did you choose to do this?
“I have been around this business my whole life.  Both my mother and my sister were cosmetologists as well as others in my extended family who had mom and pop shops.”  Hall opened Jon’ Ric because he loves the business and wanted to create an upscale salon in Old Town. 

Why Alexandria:
“I was born and raised in Del Ray,” says Hall. The only time he has ever lived further than 20 minutes away from Alexandria is when he attended Old Dominion University.  “The reason that I chose to work here is that my family is here which creates a comfort level as well as the fact that there is a lot of opportunity in Alexandria,” says Hall.  

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