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John Arundel / The Alexandria Times

Posted on May 10,2007
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Executive Editor

The Alexandria Times

300 S. Washington Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

(703) 739-0001


About John:

John is the founder and executive editor of the Alexandria Times. John’s extensive career began at 9 when he started John’s Times, a weekly neighborhood newspaper. “It was eggs and a newspaper” John recounted. “We had chickens, so on my delivery route for the Washington Post; I started delivering eggs and my paper as well.  It was mostly cat-up-a-tree stuff.” He continued his métier through high school and college as editor of his school’s papers. After college, John moved to Ft. Lauderdale to work for the Miami Herald. During the Gulf War, he followed the US Army’s 1st Armored Division into Kuwait as a special correspondent for USA Today, US News and World Report, NBC Radio, NPR, and others. After the war, John left journalism for a 9-year stint in finance with Citigroup. “I didn’t want to be a poor journalist” John confided. But he found he couldn’t get the newspaper business out of his system.


About The Alexandria Times:

“I really felt that Alexandria needed a second voice. With the booming growth of greater Washington’s second-largest city, I felt Alexandria was ripe for a new paper. I went around the community with a hat in my hand and raised capital.” In September 2005, John started the Alexandria Times as “a next generation newspaper” that would be “fresh, lively and local.” The paper is a free-distribution weekly with a print readership of 57,000.


Business Philosophy:

“I want my paper to be a lively, bright, up-market read for Alexandria”, John adds. “It’s comprehensive in its coverage, but also designed for the time-pressed consumer”.


Why did you choose to do this?

“I was born with printer’s ink coursing through my veins. Both my Grandmother and Grandfather were journalists. My father’s been one for 45 years, building his business to include 14 newspapers. He also started the first all-news radio station in the country.” 


Why Alexandria? 

“I love Alexandria. It’s a sophisticated, well-educated city that’s very close-knit. It may be the second largest DC-area city, but some days it’s also like Mayberry. It has a nice small town feel to it.”


Interesting Story? 

“This job has afforded me a lot of opportunities – from last week exploring the North Atlantic in a Nuclear Sub (the USS Alexandria), to interviewing Senator Webb the week before. I never know which direction my job will take me next”.

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