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Jennifer Russell / Stardust

Posted on Aug 19,2008
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Jennifer Russell / Stardust

608 Montgomery Street
Alexandria, Virginia 22314



About Jennifer:

Born on a dark and stormy night somewhere in the Midwest, Jennifer always felt she was meant for something…well, fabulous!  The road to fabulousness however, seemed endless and filled with giant pot holes.  Then one day, as luck would have it, she was introduced to stardust’s owner Avery Kincaid.  That amazing little sprite took a handful of “stardust”, sprinkled it over Jennifer and changed her life forever!


About Stardust:

Enchanting, whimsical and truly fabulous, Stardust is like no other restaurant you have ever been to.  Pat Phatiphong, the executive chef, has created a menu that is a “culinary pan-o-rama” with a little something for everyone, even vegetarians and kids!  The Leopard Lounge features a fabulous designer martini list, live music at least one Saturday out of each month and starting in September, martinis and massages!!  The dining and private rooms are charming and cozy with fireplaces and more atmosphere than the moon! 


Biz philosophy:

If you’ve eaten out recently you may have come to the same conclusion Avery Kincaid did which is that customer service is a “dying art form”.  Stardust is determined to bring back the customer service from a more glamorous time when everybody felt like somebody.    Let us give you an enchanted evening by making it all about you!   


Why this?

Truth be told, my story began as one of necessity.  While I have grown to truly love what I do, a big factor behind that passion is Avery Kincaid.  For that reason, I will tell you Avery’s childhood story of playing “restaurant” with Mrs. Kulp.  Even as a little girl, Avery truly enjoyed pleasing people.  It wasn’t too soon after Avery filled her first magnolia leaf with mud, garnished it, plated it and graciously served it to Mrs. Kulp on her “patio café” that she knew the service industry was for her!    


Why Alexandria?

Old Town is home in every sense of the word, so it was really a matter of finding the perfect space in Old Town.  608 Montgomery Street had so much character (despite the “chuck wagon” buffet that sat in the middle of what is now the Leopard Lounge); Avery could really see “Stardust” for the first time.  10 years later, the visual just gets better!


Funny story?

Mannequin-napping at stardust!  How exactly does a mannequin just disappear?  Better yet, how does one go about searching for her?!  It’s not like you can file a missing person’s report.  I mean who’s going to believe you and not just have you committed?  Actually, that could be my only chance at a vacation this year…tempting.  Anyway, I came into work a couple of weeks ago to discover a note on the door.  “We have Ginger…we’ll be in touch” is all it said.  I couldn’t believe my eyes!  I cautiously walked through the door and turned to the host stand where I saw the second note, right where ginger should have been!  “Don’t do anything stupid or the mannequin gets it!”  To date we still have not heard anything about her whereabouts.  A couple of eyewitnesses claim to have seen 2 male mannequins driving off with what looked liked a female mannequin in the back seat.  Their car had New York plates.  If you have any information please stop in the Leopard Lounge and tell the bartender you “just got off the S.S. Minnow” - he’ll know what to do. 


(Check out the video on the front page – Local Kicks reports from the scene of the kidnapping!)       

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