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Francesca Trigiani Noone / Notables Inc.

Posted on Jan 06,2009
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1707 Osage Street
Suite 400
Alexandria, VA 22302

About Francesca:
Before taking over Notables in 2004, Francesca had worked managing a Gap store for four years as well as worked for a paper store in Bethesda where she “got the brain child for Notables.”  There was still a long road ahead of Francesca before she took Notables over as her own.  She first went back to school for event planning at George Washington and was married with 3 kids with a fourth one on the way by the time Francesca found that Notables was for sale. 

About Notables Inc:
Notables has been around since 1991 and switched ownership to Francesca in 2004 when the previous owner’s husband was transferred to Iowa.  Notables is set up to do any kind of customized printing for any occasion (weddings, birthday parties, etc.).  Because they are not a party store, but solely a customizable print store, you are bound to find the staff to be very knowledgeable. 

Business Philosophy:
Notables has a great reputation for providing great one on one service.  When you go to discuss and order your wedding invitations you will not be surrounded by browsers interrupting while you are planning your very important event.  You will also find that becoming friends with the staff at Notables is inevitable when you are discussing something as personal as wedding invitations with such caring people.

Why did you choose to do this?
“When people come to Notables, it is because they are happy.  It’s rare to deal with someone who is not happy when they are planning a special event.  Also, I get them about a month or two out from their event so they can’t be stressed out either.  Working here also makes me happy because it is based on celebration and I am able to use my creativity,” says Francesca.

Why Alexandria?
“I love Alexandria, I live here and it’s a perfect place for my store because people in Alexandria like to party.  Alexandria is a very social town with a southern influence giving them an appreciation for stationary,” says Francesca. 

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