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Ellen Epstein / Old Town Pups

Posted on Mar 04,2008
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Old Town Pups

About Ellen:
Before coming to Alexandria and starting Old Town Pups, Ellen Epstein had several jobs while living in New York, where she was born and raised.  Ellen worked in pharmaceutical healthcare marketing, as art director and as a graphic designer, which she still does today.  Ellen decided to start Old Town Pups because of her love for animals.  She says that she has been so successful at it because people can trust her with some of the most important things in their lives, their pets.  “This is both the hardest job I have had as well as the most rewarding job I have had.  It’s so nice when you get that appreciation from owners as well as the pets,” says Ellen.

About Old Town Pups:
Old Town Pups, now for the past year and a half, has been involved in the over all care of dogs and even cats.  They are here for daily walks as well as having a sleep over when you are out of town.  “This way the pets can sleep at home rather than in a kennel,” says Ellen. 

Business Philosophy:
“I treat all of the pets that I care for like they are my own.  Also, with me you will have a more personal service.  I find that I become friends with all of my clients, which is the best part.  Sometimes I feel like I don’t want to even charge them,” says Ellen.  

Why did you choose to move to Alexandria and do this?
“It just sort of happened.  I was miserable working in New York and one day I was visiting Alexandria and I was standing in Market Square and I saw the dogs everywhere and I just knew this was the place for me,” says Ellen.

Funny Story:
If you have ever seen Ellen walking her dogs I’m sure that you would remember with the description that she game me of herself.  She is walking down the street with several dogs doing circles around her wrapping up her legs with the leashes while she is dancing and singing to the music on her head phones.  “If people were watching me I’m sure they would be laughing,” says Ellen. 

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