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Chris Tremols / Nina’s Closet

Posted on Mar 25,2008
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Nina’s Closet

1017 King Street

Alexandria, VA 22314



About Chris Tremols:

Before moving to the area and starting her career in the retail business, Tremols worked for a law office as a paralegal in Florida. “After spending 13 years as a paralegal I was done with that,” says Tremols. Tremols moved up here in 1998 and started her search for the perfect place to open a children’s gift and apparel shop. While visiting Old Town and enjoying a dinner out with her husband she decided that it was the perfect place to set up shop and that’s what she did in 1999.


About Business:

Tremols got the idea to start Nina’s Closet from a friend of hers who owned a shop down in Miami. This friend had her own line of children’s clothes which Tremols first sold when she opened up the shop. Because the line of clothing was focused on Miami weather, Tremols had to soon expand her items to fit the colder weather up here and this is when she started attending shows for new lines of clothing. “We are more of a traditional children’s clothing shop and I am now expanding into more baby products such as carriers,” says Tremols.


Business Philosophy:

“We cater to our clients. If you find something that you like and we don’t happen to have it in the size you need we have no problem calling up the company and having them ship it in at no additional cost to you,” says Tremols.


Why did you choose to do this?

“I loved the children’s shop that my friend in Miami had and at the same time I had three children of my own that I was buying clothing for. When I first started I had a 4 year old daughter that I would keep in mind when I was finding clothes for the shop,” says Tremols.


Why Alexandria?

“When I came here for dinner with my husband I fell in love with the area. I love all of the boutiques plus I did not want to open up my shop in a strip mall. It’s great that people are always walking around and looking for things to buy, I just knew that this was right,” says Tremols.

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