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Candida Kreb / Candi’s Candies

Posted on Sep 08,2008
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Candida Kreb / Candi’s Candies
107 North Fairfax Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

About Candida:
“I moved to Virginia 3 years ago, when my husband got a job here. I always wanted to have my own business – my husband is working, so I wanted to as well. I always wanted to start a candy business. This is my first Candi’s Candies – I would love to start a chain.”

About Candi’s Candies:
“I started Candi’s Candies 5 months ago (May 15). Taffy is the main focus - we have it shipped here from Salt Lake City. We have over 60 flavors. We also have old favorites from your childhood like Mary Janes, Pop Rocks, Fireballs, Squirrel Nut Zippers, and Russell’s hard candies. You can mix & match by the pound. We also have free samples (just don’t overdo it!).  For Halloween, bulk candy will be 10% off.”

Business Philosophy:
“Be very nice to customers! I tell everyone to try a piece – see if you like it.  A girl came in and knocked over a display of stick candy. Most of it broke – I told them not to worry.” Candida’s very helpful to customers. While we were there, she stopped to help a customer browsing the barrels of taffy and offered suggestions of flavors he might want to try.

Why did you choose to do this?
“I’ve been interested in the candy business for a long time. I made my decision, and felt Old Town was the perfect place for it. Once the timing was right, I went for it.”

Why Alexandria?
“I found the perfect place for the store in Old Town. It’s the only place I was interested in opening the store. The only problem was the space was occupied! I waited three years for it to become available. It’s been my dream spot. I love it!” 

Interesting Story?
“Ghost tours stop here because of our famous guest upstairs – the “Burning Bride”. According to the legend, a bride-to-be was upstairs in her wedding gown, getting ready for her wedding. The train of her gown caught fire and she died of her burns. Since then many have seen her, although I’ve not yet had the honor!”

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