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Caity Davis & Jill Stump / FitOne Studio

Posted on Jul 14,2008
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Caity Davis & Jill Stump / FitOne Studio
814 N. Saint Asaph Street
Alexandria VA 22314
(703) 548-2223

About Caity & Jill:
Caity and Jill are co-owners of FitOne studio. The two met in 1995 at a local gym while both were working as personal trainers (PTs). They started their own company in 1999, contracting out their services to local gyms that didn’t have in-house trainers. They just opened their first FitOne studio (they’re no longer contracting). (We interviewed Caity for this article.)

About FitOne:
“We’ve established a group of close-knit trainers that understand the concept that fitness training is a science. The FitOne staff is committed to studying fitness. There’s a correct way to do it. It’s not just yanking weights around. How does speed and weight resistance affect your body? That’s our job, to understand that and to stay up-to–date on what advancements are being made in the field. Some of our clients want to learn about the science, some just want the results – that’s fine either way. We employ nationally certified trainers who are constantly updating their knowledge through continuing education seminars.”

Business Philosophy:
“We promote the fact that you need to exercise and take care of your body for your entire life. Programs that are exciting and bring results make it easier to integrate exercise into your lifestyle. A lot of thought goes into choosing the trainers that best fit your goals. If one doesn’t work out for you, we try to find a better fit. The training should be active and fun, but not stressful. There’s no hard sell here. Try it & you don’t like it? No problem – the first consultation is free.”

Why did you choose to do this?
“While working at a gym as PTs, we noticed that our clients seemed really happy after their training sessions. They hung out afterwards to chat and have some laughs. A mentor saw how much fun we were having and asked why we didn’t start our own business. We never thought twice about it – we just said, “Let’s do it!” It’s been great. We balance each other so well. We believe in it, love it, we love the gym atmosphere. Thank God we were the way we were back then. We had absolute enthusiasm, and never thought about the risks of opening our own business.”

Why Alexandria?
“We’re both long-time residents of the area. I was born and raised here. We love the sense of community and support we’ve found in Alexandria.” 

Funny Story?
“Jill and I were laughing about this the other day – we both know 90 different ways to do a chest press, but we can’t go anywhere without getting lost! We have no sense of direction. That’s one of the reasons I live close to work. I can walk here and (hopefully) not get lost.”

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