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Ann Bartlett/ The Body in Balance Center

Posted on Apr 22,2008
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Ann Bartlett/ The Body in Balance Center
Body in Balance Center
1423 Powhatan St
Alexandria, VA 22314

About Ann:

Ann started her career as a massage therapist 20 years ago. After a riding accident, it was recommended as part of her therapy for recovery. Intrigued by how it changed not only the physical self but the mental self caught her attention. Ann decided to study massage therapy to understand more about how and why massage worked. During school, Ann discovered that a more holistic approach to her lifestyle offered lasting results for her type 1 diabetes and soon she found herself delving into courses that gave her the understanding of the body mind connection and overall health.

Ann’s clients have been a broad spectrum of people. From cancer, als, ms and chronic illness to world class and professional athletes. She has worked in hospitals and also held a contract with Reebok covering international events and Olympic Games for their athletes for 5 years. Each client offers education and insight to health that never ceases to amaze Ann.

About Body in Balance Center:

The Body in Balance Center was developed as an integrated wellness center. The strength of the business is the relationships we have with referring practitioners. I wanted to bring everyone under one roof and offered it as a work cooperative. Our services include: acupuncture, biofeedback, chiropractic care, holistic nutrition counseling, massage therapy, psychology, Rolfing, Thai Yoga Bodywork, and classes in infant massage, yoga, Pilates mat, belly dancing, Tai Chi and Creative Movement for Kids and fusion classes for moms with babies.

Business Philosophy:

To offer a unique holistic environment with experienced practitioners who work as a team to help clients find better lasting results. Out strength as a team comes from depth of experience in each field of expertise. Most of us have been in our field for over 10 years, but most have over 20 years experience and it gives our clients a depth of talent that’s hard to find!

Why did you choose to do this?

Selfishly, I wanted to have my own healthcare system! I rely on my integrated approach to health for managing my diabetes. Having everyone around me allowed 2 things to happen. I never miss an appointment or class and my clients have the advantage of walking from one service to another in the same office! It’s fabulous! We need to start a limo service to drive people home after their treatment schedule at the office!

Why Alexandria?

Having lived in many places in the US and abroad, I’ve found that Alexandria fits me well. I love the city and its history and have developed many wonderful relationships with local residents! And I’m thrilled to offer Old Town a unique opportunity to explore their health and wellbeing!

Quote from Ann:

A quote by Emerson sums up my feelings about how I act in life and also the way I look at my business: “It is one of the most beautiful compensations in life… we can never help another without helping ourselves.”

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