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Amanda Cutts / Kudzu Cookies

Posted on Mar 18,2008
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Kudzu Cookies

About Amanda:
Before moving to Northern Virginia, Amanda grew up just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.  She first arrived in the area 5 years ago and made her way though Capital Hill, Falls Church and is now living and working in Del Ray while pursing her MBA at George Mason University.

Amanda grew up with a passion for baking watching her mother bake all sorts of amazing goodies and having a grandmother who made pies to help support her family.  “I can’t imagine not having home cooked baked goods,” says Amanda

About Kudzu Cookies:
Kudzu Cookies is a two person operation consisting of Amanda and her husband.  All of Amanda’s cookies are homemade right out of her own kitchen.  After sampling some of her cookies, we were very impressed; not only by the cookies themselves, but also by the level of detail displayed in the packaging.  They arrived in a pretty white box with a beautiful ribbon; it could have been a beautiful candle, an antique piece or a special gift.  Actually, they were a special gift; an assortment of 6 cookies that as soon as we started eating, we could not stop.  Thanks Amanda.

Even though Amanda bakes everything at home, her kitchen still gets inspected like any other restaurant kitchen.  You cannot buy Kudzu Cookies out of her home so if you want to find them you can do this one of three ways.  You can find her cookies at the farmers market in Del Ray, in local shops, such as the newly opened Grape + Bean, or you can order them online at  Amanda has between seven and eight different types of cookies that she sells, such as: Oatmeal Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Snickerdoodles.  Our favorite was the Oatmeal.  She also sells homemade cobblers that are delicious topped with ice cream.

If you are wondering where the name Kudzu comes from, Amanda explains it as “ivy that is found is Georgia that spreads so fast that it can grow up to a foot a day, that’s on a good day.”  Since she started Kudzu Cookies, her business has been growing like - you guessed it Kudzu.

Business Philosophy:
“Since I bake out of my house, everything is homemade with no preservatives.  My cookies are all from original family recipes.  Also, I make sure that all of my cookies are baked fresh to order,” says Amanda.

Why did you choose to do this?
“Baking is in my blood and it is great being able to support my educational pursuits by my passion for cookies.  This is something that I really enjoying doing,” says Amanda.  Actually, we think it should be a case study for her class.  How to grow your business doing what you love?

Why Alexandria?
“I love the Del Ray Community, it is so tight and friendly” says Amanda.  There are not a lot of other neighborhoods out there that have their since of community. 

Funny Story:
This will give all of you non bakers a sigh of relief.  “I was making a batch of oatmeal cookies and I forgot to add flour and when I came to check on them they had melted into a puddle on the bottom of my oven,” says Amanda.  Not a great scene as you can imagine.

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