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Adam Baker & Ryan Webb / Perk Up Coffee House

Posted on Jun 03,2008
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Perk Up Coffee House

829 S Washington St
Alexandria, VA 22314

(703) 838-2812


About Adam:

(Ed. note: Adam and Ryan are business partners. We talked to Adam for the interview.) Adam was born and raised in Alexandria, and went to high school at Bishop Ireton. After college, Adam came back to Alexandria and worked different jobs around town. “For a few years I did just about everything – worked for my dad, bartended, etc.” Adam told us. “I was basically keeping my eyes open for a good opportunity to show up.” 


About Perk Up:

“I bought the business a few years ago. I wanted a place with a strong local following where we’d know all the regulars by their first name. Perk up is dog and people friendly - we have Illy coffee for the regulars and water and dog treats for our four-legged friends. We have free Wi-Fi, so people come in with their laptops and relax. Here you can pretty much do what you want when you want.”


Business Philosophy:

“Everyone here treats customers as they would like to be treated. We encourage everyone to be themselves – diversity gives Perk Up its identity.”


Why did you choose to do this?

“By sheer chance! Ryan had worked here before, and when the owners were talking about selling, he contacted me. I hate the whole chain mentality at Starbucks, and I’m a people person. This came along at the perfect time and place.”


Why Alexandria?

I grew up here. My friends are here. I love the people here. It’s a great place!


Funny Story?

“We locked a customer in at closing one night. James is a regular, and had been in the restroom when we closed. I came back later that night to do the register, and he was laying on the couch reading the paper – said he wasn’t worried. He told me he had my number and if no one had shown up by the time he was ready to leave, he would have called me.”

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