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Move over Jibbitz. Bloomingbuds could be the next big idea Local Leader Chip Lowry

Posted on Feb 17,2009
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Some of the best businesses start in basement, garages and around kitchen tables in small town America.

Mega million dollar success stories like Sheri Schmelzer, creator of the Jibbitz craze, take a unique idea and some good luck.  In Sheri’s case, a chance meeting at the pool with the owner of Crocs brought her crafty dream into the mainstream market.  

Hoping to capitalize on the same market of young collectors, local entrepreneur Chip Lowry launched Bloomingbuds offering his own bright idea, earphones embellished with interchangeable and collectable “blooms.” 

With teens, tweens and adults spending an increasing amount of time and money building unique music collections, Lowry conceptualized a product to help music lovers accessorize their MP3 equipment. The iPod revolutionized the way we consume music. Each song is sold separately, available on demand and can be as fluid as the listener’s every mood. You might even call it a new level of collecting.

While the iPod itself has taken many forms and colors to reflect your personal style, the simple OEM earpods included remain relatively unchanged.  While some labels like Juicy Couture offer a designer, high cost, blinged out alternative to the common earbud, Lowry developed a comparable quality earpiece and added the fun graphic to change with a listener’s mood in the familiar $19.99 price point. 

Today’s designs follow the predictable younger demographic themes of lady bugs, soccer balls and peace symbols, but lines in development include college team logos.  Bloomingbuds also offers add on products like sunglasses.  With even a Bloomingbuds Bluetooth headset designed for the easy snap on snap off widgets, Lowry is looking to expand his product appeal to a demographic growing up with increasingly sophisticated technology taste.

In celebration of the inauguration of President Barack Obama, Bloomingbuds created a special limited edition product with the “yes we can” slogan and widely recognized campaign logo.

Distribution of Bloomingbuds earphones and attachments is primarily through the website as Lowry negotiates deals with retailers.  The products were developed right here in Virginia with production in China.

Chip Lowry is putting his money and his dream not just where is mouth is but hopefully into ears nationwide.

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