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Why Didn't Anyone Try to Save Liberty the Eagle's Eggs? - Source Washingtonian
Feb 27,2019

Yesterday, Washingtonians went to work with a heavy heart. Two eagle eggs caught in the middle of a torrid love affair have been declared nonviable. Meaning no new eagle

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A Shocking Love Triangle Has Broken Up DC’s Favorite Bald Eagle Power Couple - Source Washingtonian
Feb 15,2019

On Tuesday, word spread that Liberty, a YouTube-famous bald eagle living above the DC’s police academy, laid her first egg of the year in a joyous moment that, like many 21st century life events

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New Law Seeks to Treat Pets More Humanely
Feb 13,2019

The saying goes "a dog is man's best friend" — and that's exactly what Sen. Lionell Spruill said he wanted when he was a boy. When he couldn’t have a pet, he began to notice how some dogs in his neighborhood

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Enter Our Cutest Cat Contest! - Source Washingtonian
Feb 12,2019

Do you have an adorable feline friend you're eager to show off? Submit a high-resolution photo of your cat or kitten to our annual Cutest Cat Contest by March 14 for a chance at stardom in Washingtonian.

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More Hedgehogs Are Coming to Washington. Here's Why I'm Not Happy About It - Source Washingtonian
Jan 30,2019

The apocalypse is coming—the hedgehogs are here. Well, at least in Fairfax County. You’ve probably heard that county restrictions on owning a hedgehog were removed last week, as were permit requirements for owning hermit

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Meet Pete Souza's Instagram-Famous Tortoise, Charlotte - Source Washingtonian
Jan 25,2019

Charlotte the tortoise has gone viral. Well, as viral as any Russian tortoise can go. Like her owner, Pete Souza, her path to internet fame began after the 2016 presidential election.

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Adoptable Alexandria Pet: Bring Rico Home For The Holidays - Source Patch
Dec 25,2018

This Christmas, the gift under your tree just might be a new furry friend. If you're considering adopting a pet, take a look at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, which shelters pets in need.

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Make Everyone Happy for the Holidays - Source Connection news papers
Dec 13,2018

Put a smile on your dogs, cats and birds by filling their Christmas stockings with a special surprise. Regan Chinn, area manager for Kriser's Natural Pet located in the Lee Harrison Shopping Center

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