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2 New K-9s Join Alexandria Police Department - Source Patch
Apr 30,2019

The two newest additions to the Alexandria Police Department are of the four-legged type. Two new dogs, K-9 Rez and K-9 Baka, are being welcomed to the police department.

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8th Annual Running of the Chihuahuas!
Apr 16,2019

Don't miss the 8th Annual Running of the Chihuahuas, DC's funniest Cinco de Mayo celebration! Saturday, May 4 from 1pm - 5pm on District Pier. The day includes a Corona beer garden

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Pet Fiesta Presented by
Apr 16,2019

This outdoor festival will feature local businesses, animal rescue groups, and some of Northern Virginia's most adorable animals looking for their forever homes. From a pet fashion show

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Animal Welfare Groups Happy About 2019 Legislation
Mar 13,2019

Animal welfare advocates are pleased by the results of the 2019 General Assembly, which increased penalties for animal cruelty and mandated that pets receive more room to roam if tethered outside.

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Alexandria Named A Top Dog-Friendly Vacation Destination
Mar 01,2019

Alexandria residents know how much furry friends are valued here, but the rest of the country seems to think so too. Expedia named Alexandria one of the 10 dog-friendly vacation destinations in the U.S.

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Why Didn't Anyone Try to Save Liberty the Eagle's Eggs? - Source Washingtonian
Feb 27,2019

Yesterday, Washingtonians went to work with a heavy heart. Two eagle eggs caught in the middle of a torrid love affair have been declared nonviable. Meaning no new eagle

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A Shocking Love Triangle Has Broken Up DC’s Favorite Bald Eagle Power Couple - Source Washingtonian
Feb 15,2019

On Tuesday, word spread that Liberty, a YouTube-famous bald eagle living above the DC’s police academy, laid her first egg of the year in a joyous moment that, like many 21st century life events

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New Law Seeks to Treat Pets More Humanely
Feb 13,2019

The saying goes "a dog is man's best friend" — and that's exactly what Sen. Lionell Spruill said he wanted when he was a boy. When he couldn’t have a pet, he began to notice how some dogs in his neighborhood

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