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ASK MERRILY/Caretaker’s Job
Feb 22,2010

My husband has been recovering for almost a month from life-changing surgery. Things in the ICU are much the same day after day. Relentless issues continue such as excessive fluid retention, elevated white blood count, fluid from chest tubes. He was happy to finally be allowed clear fluids. But those have temporarily been taken away in hopes of resolving the above issues.

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ASK MERRILY/Teen Telephone Time
Feb 03,2010

My teenage daughter spends too much time on the telephone. She comes home from high school at 2:30 and wants to do nothing but talk to her friends. Her grades used to be all A’s but are dropping. Since I get home from work at 5, I cannot monitor her use of time until then.

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ASK MERRILY/Stuck in Old Patterns
Jan 28,2010

I find that my relationships get stuck in old patterns that no longer serve my best interest. I get angry when a negative pattern, which I thought was worked through with my husband, reappears. I thought I'd never have to experience it again, and I feel frustration and despair.

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ASK MERRILY/ Thermostat Control
Jan 27,2010

Dear Merrily, I have asked my husband to turn down the heat before he goes off to work, because he leaves after I do. He never remembers no matter what I do to remind him. I've even asked him if not remembering is a way to take some unresolved issue out on me. We even have programmable thermostats that he overrides!!!

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ASK MERRILY/How to Leave
Jan 13,2010

I feel buried by pesky issues involved in following my heart to the West. The county has appraised my house at nearly $100,000 less than I owe. What happens if I sell owing so much?

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ASK MERRILY/ Reply to “First Anger, Then Forgiveness”
Jan 05,2010

I laugh at myself reading your answer to my question in your column, First Anger, Then Forgiveness. You are right. My son has a great relationship with his teacher this year, making clear that last year's teacher was a problem. He has a new friend and our families are close.

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ASK MERRILY/Anger First, then Forgiveness
Dec 22,2009

I need your help to let go of my anger. My neighbor’s daughter and my son were in the same kindergarten class last year and became best friends. My neighbor decided their close relationship was not healthy for her daughter and at the end of the year requested that they not be in the same class.

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Dec 11,2009

Every year at Christmas a debilitating depression overtakes me. Our family celebrates 10 birthdays during this season. The mountain of gifts and cards to purchase and send is overwhelming. I enjoy giving gifts at other times of the year. But, at Christmas I hate the artificial requirement to go into stores and buy things,

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