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ASK MERRILY/ Memorabolia
Mar 16,2009

Something has gotten into my mother and she is in a frenzy to throw things away, clean out closets. A lot of what she finds used to be mine, or, she thinks, ought to be mine, and so she's always bringing stuff when she comes to visit.

ASK MERRILY /Can I Ask if He's Gay?
Mar 16,2009

Dear Merrily, How do I find out if the man I am dating is gay? Can I just ask? We met last fall and felt instant attraction. We see each other several times a week, talk on the phone several times a day. I have never been this happy.

Mar 03,2009

Dear Merrily, Yesterday I went to see another docto r for a 2nd opinion. He read my medical reports and looked at the MRI. He wasn’t concerned about the growth in my neck because it grows so slowly.

ASK MERRILY/Big Challenge at Work
Mar 03,2009

Dear Merrily, I have a very big challenge at work. I work in a room of 5 men; two are hugely unhappy with life. They complain loudly and swear all day long, which wears on me. I have used every trick in my book to stay sane and "enjoy"

Mar 02,2009

Tonight, in a fit of guilt, I finally let loose on my mother and told her that no matter what I do, "it is never enough." Then "bad daughter" kicked in my mind. Guilt, guilt, guilt! I am taking her to lunch and a concert this weekend. She said we could eat at her apt. afterward.

Plenum Dilemma
Feb 17,2009

Dear Merrily, In writing to you about my packing problem, I saw that there are other places in my life where I feel overwhelmed by too many choices. When I feel out of control, I often do nothing. I cannot pull from the plenum (the space completely filled with everything necessary for existence).

Honor the Earth
Feb 17,2009

Dear Merrily, After engaging in a meditation called the Magi process where I hold the intention to be free of beliefs that stand in the way of healing for this nation/world, I am left with this question: How do I live in a manner that honors the following commandment – “Honor your Father and Mother”. Father and Mother to me ultimately mean The Creative Force and The Earth, respectively.

ASK MERRILY/Too tired to be kind
Feb 05,2009

Dear Merrily, I would like to be accepted by my husband even when I am not taking special care of him. With a woman friend I do not always have to listen and support - I can be teased and loved in my self-centered-ness.

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