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Oct 08,2008

Dear Merrily, How do I teach my five-year-old son to take responsibility for himself? Too often he says he had a temper tantrum because his father or I "made" him do it by not giving him what he wants.

ASK MERRILY/Merrily Preston - NEW CAREER for MOM
Sep 29,2008

Dear Merrily, I want to start a new career. In order to do this, I need a lot of time and energy for writing and thinking and being creative. My problem is that I've allowed my daughter to take up all my time and most of my energy. She'll be a senior in the Fall and with college applications and driving her everywhere etc.

ASK MERRILY/Merrily Preston
Sep 24,2008

Dear Merrily, I am exhausted. I’m a high-level manager and have been pushed so hard at work that I can't see my way clear. We are restructuring; we've had dozens of meetings; I've had turmoil among my staff. I am anxious every minute of every day. There is critical work that I cannot get done. I take work home on weekends.

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