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Apr 06,2009

Dear Merrily, I had a mania spike week before last. At first I always think - wow, I feel great, maybe the new dosage is working. (I am bi-polar.) Suddenly my mind is clear. Like being let out of a stuffy box.

ASK MERRILY/ Memorabolia
Mar 16,2009

Something has gotten into my mother and she is in a frenzy to throw things away, clean out closets. A lot of what she finds used to be mine, or, she thinks, ought to be mine, and so she's always bringing stuff when she comes to visit.

ASK MERRILY /Can I Ask if He's Gay?
Mar 16,2009

Dear Merrily, How do I find out if the man I am dating is gay? Can I just ask? We met last fall and felt instant attraction. We see each other several times a week, talk on the phone several times a day. I have never been this happy.

Mar 03,2009

Dear Merrily, Yesterday I went to see another docto r for a 2nd opinion. He read my medical reports and looked at the MRI. He wasn’t concerned about the growth in my neck because it grows so slowly.

ASK MERRILY/Big Challenge at Work
Mar 03,2009

Dear Merrily, I have a very big challenge at work. I work in a room of 5 men; two are hugely unhappy with life. They complain loudly and swear all day long, which wears on me. I have used every trick in my book to stay sane and "enjoy"

Mar 02,2009

Tonight, in a fit of guilt, I finally let loose on my mother and told her that no matter what I do, "it is never enough." Then "bad daughter" kicked in my mind. Guilt, guilt, guilt! I am taking her to lunch and a concert this weekend. She said we could eat at her apt. afterward.

MULLINGS/Obama's Economy
Feb 18,2009

Yesterday, in Denver (instead of Monday in Illinois) President Barack Obama signed into law H.R. 1, commonly known as the stimulus package. The Dow Jones Industrial Average greeted this news with a drop of nearly 298 points to end the day at 7552.60.

Plenum Dilemma
Feb 17,2009

Dear Merrily, In writing to you about my packing problem, I saw that there are other places in my life where I feel overwhelmed by too many choices. When I feel out of control, I often do nothing. I cannot pull from the plenum (the space completely filled with everything necessary for existence).

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