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ASK MERRILY/Appearance
May 20,2009

Dear Merrily, I want to create a better relationship with fitness, health and food. My pattern of going to the gym and eating healthy foods has been inconsistent for years. As soon as I am happy with my appearance,

ASK MERRILY/ The Other Side of Mother-in-Law Issues
May 05,2009

Dear Merrily, Good work on the M-I-L column. Another side to the issue - the Mother who does not bond with the child because the MIL has over-powered her, leaving the Mother with resentment toward the MIL

ASK MERRILY/ Do We Put Him Out?
Apr 29,2009

I have a problem with my 23-year-old grandson -no job, GED, living with us. Although he helps us quite a bit, he has to be NAGGED, can't find a steady job, has been in prison, is on probation, and steals from us

ASK MERRILY/Mother in Law Problems
Apr 21,2009

My friend has mother-in-law (m-i-l) problems. I told her I would bounce them off you. Although m-i-l is a soft-spoken person, she has become deceptively intrusive regarding the first child who is 7 months old.

ASK MERRILY/How do you Arrive at your Answer
Apr 21,2009

Dear Merrily, I enjoy your insightful and forthright responses, and I am curious: how do you arrive at your answers? Do you think cognitively about the questions? Do you meditate on them? Do you rely on intuition? I am . . .

ASK MERRILY/Desperately Want a Child
Apr 21,2009

I desperately want a child. My husband wants a child. We purposely will not conceive a child because what we want is not the most important thing, which is consideration toward the child. Making a life-altering decision without consulting the one most affected seems wrong.

ASK MERRILY/ What Does God Know?
Apr 06,2009

Dear Merrily, It's a MESS in my life so why do I feel so sane? My husband got a new route at work for $10,000/year less, two of the people I clean for can't afford me anymore, the boys (14 and 19) are constantly at war.

Apr 06,2009

Dear Merrily My husband's daughter has graduated from college. Her father continues to pay her car insurance, cell phone bill, and college loan even though they agreed before she went to college that she would help to pay the loan off when she found a job.

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