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ASK MERRILY/ Financial Hardship
Jul 23,2009

My husband and I never discuss our finances nor do we have or create a budget. We both overspend what we make each month. I have tried to talk to him, to ask him to work with me around this issue. I have been unable to get through to him that this is threatening our retirement –it is as if he doesn’t care.

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ASK MERRILY/High School Drama
Jun 24,2009

I will be so glad for my senior year in high school to end. There has been a lot of drama, and I have not handled it well. My ex-boyfriend and his new friend either don’t talk to me or say mean things to me.

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ASK MERRILY/The Courage to Renege
Jun 16,2009

I need to find the courage to do what I need to do. Last fall, the advisers of the youth group at church asked me to help chaperone the backpacking trip to the Rockies in July. I agreed - I love the West, it's free.

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ASK MERRILY/Time for Me Later
Jun 16,2009

I took a long walk today. I focused on everyone except me - my staff, readers, family. That brings me joy - but then I run out of gas and there's nothing left over for me. I crash and burn. I have a long list of things I would love to do

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Win Passes to the Washington Premiere of Food, Inc.
Jun 04,2009

LOCAL KICKS CONTESTS Win Passes to the Washington Premiere of Food, Inc. from Magnolia Films and Local Kicks at a Washington DC Theater Tuesday, June 16, 2009

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ASK MERRILY/Parallel Stories
Jun 03,2009

What's the best way to offer feedback to a friend who, instead of responding to me personally, offers a parallel story from her life? The exchanges leave me feeling flat. I told her how the death of a baby had affected me,

May 27,2009

My daughter is a high school senior, but my perspective is different from the woman’s in New Career for Mom. I am frantic at the thought of her leaving home and needing me even less. I have been in therapy

May 20,2009

Hi Merrily, I could use your advice. I work for a family owned business as a sales rep and have done well in my 3½ years there. My problem is that the work environment is extremely negative. The son of the owner just became CEO.

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