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Local Tastes
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You Have to Try Jose Andres's Creamy Mac n' Cheese - Source Washingtonian
Sep 12,2018

The dish: Vermicelli mac and cheese with blue crab The place: America Eats Tavern (3139 M St., NW) The reason: It's a 19th-century relic worth keeping around

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Snackbar closes to make way for new restaurant
Sep 07,2018

After less than a year in service, Del Ray's Snackbar is closing. Owner Scott Mitchell isn’t leaving the restaurant’s Mount Vernon Avenue spot behind, though.

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Love Beer Fest - D.C.
Sep 06,2018

Over 100 beers from more than 15 of Anheuser- Busch breweries across the country will be served! Enjoy limited edition beers and new beers from Breweries that are not yet available in St. Louis!

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Where the Ambassador of Monaco Eats Around DC - Source Washingtonian
Sep 05,2018

Every so often, we'll take a peek into the culinary lives of DC’s international ambassadors. They’re a unique lot, given that they entertain extensively, see food as a key part of diplomacy

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What's for lunch? 3 Va. school systems roll out new 'fast-casual' cafeteria option with trendy cooking method
Aug 31,2018

Three school systems in Northern Virginia are rolling out a new “fast-casual” cafeteria option that lets students design their own bowls and wraps and that uses a trendy French style of cooking.

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2018 Make It Funky Wild Beer Festival
Aug 30,2018

Denizens Brewing Co is hosting its 4th annual 'Make It Funky' Wild Beer Festival to celebrate the unique and mouth-watering style of wild and sour brews. On September 29th, craft beer fans from all over the DMV

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The Healthiest Things to Eat at Sweetgreen, According to Dietitians - Source Washingtonian
Aug 29,2018

There’s a lot to love about Sweetgreen: It’s fast, provides a fresh menu featuring farm-to-table vegetables and housemade dressings, and has local roots, having been founded by some enterprising undergrads

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NYC's Meatball Shop Opens in DC Soon with Crab Balls, Jello Shots, and DIY Ice Cream Sandwiches - Source Washingtonian
Aug 22,2018

All the bad “balls dropping soon” jokes aside, we’re pretty excited for a branch of NYC’s Meatball Shop to open in DC. The niche chain started on Manhattan’s Lower East Side as a fun, moderately

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