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Alexandria budget increases school funding, raises recycling, transportation fees
May 03,2019

Schools in Alexandria, Virginia, will get more money during the 2020 fiscal year, but it’s going to cost taxpayers more to recycle and take the bus. The Alexandria City Council Wednesday adopted

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Trump calls for changes to toughen path to asylum - Source Politico
Apr 30,2019

President Donald Trump is calling on top immigration officials to take steps that toughen and accelerate the process for seeking asylum in the United States.

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2019 Primary Election: Absentee Voting, Deadlines For Alexandria
Apr 26,2019

Absentee voting is about to begin for the June 11 primary election in Alexandria. The primary election will determine candidates for the November general election for the 35th Virginia

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Van Hollen joins in bill to bring top honors to black World War I heroes
Apr 22,2019

During World War I, Army Sgt. William Butler charged a squad of Germans and overran their position “single-handedly” with an automatic weapon slung over his shoulder

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McAuliffe rules out 2020 run
Apr 19,2019

Former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe is not running for president in 2020, McAuliffe said Wednesday night that instead of joining a crowded Democratic field vying to challenge President Donald Trump, he will concentrate

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What Will Really Matter in the Mueller Report - Source Politico
Apr 16,2019

After years of waiting, we will finally get to read the Mueller report—or at least as much of it as Attorney General William Barr is willing to let the American public read. The redacted

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Alexandria GOP Members Take Stand on Seminary Road Proposals - Source Connection news papers
Apr 16,2019

The Alexandria Republican City Committee’s (ARCC’s) April meeting focused on the city’s proposals for reducing the number of driving lanes on Seminary Road, a busy east-west route in Alexandria

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It's Trump vs. Trump as immigration divides White House - Source Politico
Apr 11,2019

President Donald Trump is in a fight over immigration — with himself. Trump denied on Tuesday that he is "cleaning house" at the Department of Homeland Security. But on Wednesday

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