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Kristina Robertson makes cover girl
Dec 22,2008

The Virginia Tourism Corporation has announced that its new state travel guide is available to travelers looking to live passionately on vacation in Virginia.

Elizabeth Miller - Gentlemen start your Engines
Dec 16,2008

Every year, the ritual is about the same. A few days before Christmas, beleaguered, time-pressed husbands rush into jewelry stores looking for baubles. The sinking economy withstanding, this year may be no different.

LOCAL LEADER/Eric Nelson - An artful lobbyist turned chocolate entrepreneur
Dec 10,2008

Eric Nelson is now 52 and rues the two decades of slaying traffic back-ups to inch downtown to his job as a trade association executive.

LOCAL LEADER/Todd Lockuff - A new CFO for Alexandria INOVA
Dec 10,2008

Todd Lockcuff has joined Inova Alexandria Hospital as its new chief financial officer and assistant vice president of Inova Health System. Lockcuff brings more than 14 years of experience in healthcare finance, accounting and auditing.

LOCAL LEADER/Willard Scott - America's Weatherman Returns to Alexandria
Dec 03,2008

BY JOHN ARUNDEL Managing Editor It's tough not to hear Willard Scott coming. Years ago in college I had an appointment for some career advice with the longtime "Today Show" weather man and ebullient centenarian at NBC headquarters in New York. I was sitting in his somewhat disheveled office on the sixth floor of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, waiting for Scott to come off the set.

LOCAL LEADER/Brennan Reilly - Carlyle's visionary
Nov 25,2008

Brennan Reilly has a vision for the city’s booming Carlyle section: By the end of this year or next the Eisenhower Valley off Duke Street will be teeming with tourists, restaurant-goers and night shoppers, and will become one of the region’s next hot spots, along the lines of Clarendon, Ballston or Shirlington.

LOCAL LEADER/John Warner - A public servant returns to private life
Nov 25,2008

I live in Alexandria, and here you never know who you're going to run into taking your dog for a stroll. Wandering through the back streets of my neighborhood one day last year, I found Sen. John Warner (R-VA) tending to his sunflowers and begonias. He invited me over, so our dogs could romp in his yard.

LOCAL LEADER/Matt McKinnis - One Matt. One Client. One Goal.
Nov 21,2008

The slight frame and shy, warm smile of Matt McKinnis belies the complete jock he was in his school days. The 39-year-old owner of Old Town's Fitness Together packs a compact, well-toned physique, one that he began nurturing while growing up in Battle Creek, Mich. and Atlanta, GA.

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