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Former Va. man faces charges of voter registration fraud
Nov 04,2016

A former Alexandria, Virginia, resident faces up to 40 years in prison on charges of voter registration fraud. The Alexandria office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney said in a statement that Vafalay Massaquoi, 30, was working

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Stabbing Reported Wednesday Morning on King Street: Police
Nov 04,2016

Alexandria Police reported Wednesday morning that they are investigating a stabbing in the 800 block of King Street, usually a busy area in the heart of Old Town Alexandria

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Pastor And Wife Indicted For $1.2 Million Fraud Targeting Church Members - Source Alexandria news
Oct 25,2016

The senior pastor of Victorious Life Church (1800 Diagonal Road) in Alexandria, along with his wife, were arrested yesterday for their alleged involvement in

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Car driven on bike path in Alexandria
Oct 21,2016

Alexandria Police are still looking for the driver who drove onto a bike path Tuesday evening at Fort Mile Run Park Trail in Alexandria. The park is a sanctuary for cyclists and walkers, but Tuesday at 5 p.m., a peaceful night at the park was interrupted.

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Alexandria Police Make Second Arrest In Belle Pre Way Homicide - Source Alexandria news
Oct 18,2016

Alexandria police have charged a second suspect with the homicide of Leon Williams, who died from injuries sustained during a shooting that occurred on Belle Pre Way on Oct. 7, 2015.

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High school teacher, student teamed up to steal beer, police say
Oct 14,2016

A Fairfax County schoolteacher and student worked together to steal a case of beer from a gas station on Monday and the pair were found at the teacher’s Reston home with a variety of illegal narcotics, police said.

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Police arrest wife of man fatally shot in Alexandria
Oct 07,2016

Police have arrested a woman in the fatal shooting of an elderly man in Alexandria Wednesday. Paula Marshall, 47, has been charged with murder after allegedly shooting her husband

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Motorcyclist killed by D.C. police had gunshot wounds to neck and back - Source Washington post
Sep 29,2016

Terrence Sterling, the motorcyclist who was killed by a D.C. police officer this month, suffered gunshot wounds in the neck and back, according to the city medical examiner’s office.

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