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Alexandria police investigating links between three unsolved homicides
Mar 07,2014

Alexandria police announced Thursday that the bullets that killed Ruthanne Lodato in February are similar to bullets that killed two other prominent Alexandrians, one of them 10 years ago. All three killings - Ruthanne Lodato, 59, Ronald Kirby, 69, and Nancy Niedermeier Dunning, 56, occurred in the same general area

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Police Make Arrest in Grocery Store Credit Card Theft - Source Patch
Mar 05,2014

The Alexandria Police Department has arrested a man in connection with a Jan. 2 theft of a wallet from the Whole Foods on Duke Street in Alexandria.

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Former T. C. Student Killed Near Virginia Union University - Source Alexandria News
Feb 25,2014

Kahron M. Lee, 20, a 2012 graduate of T. C. Williams High School and a sophomore at Virginia Union University, was shot and killed near the Virginia Union campus in Richmond late last night

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School cafeteria manager tasered after fight in Va.
Feb 21,2014

A cafeteria manager at Barcroft Elementary School is in custody after she threatened a school administrator with a knife and told police she had a gun, say Arlington County Police. According to police, a school administrator and the cafeteria manager got into an argument inside an office in the cafeteria

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Police Arrest Suspect In Post Office Robbery - Source Alexandria News
Feb 19,2014

Alexandria Police have charged Darryl Franks, 58, of Washington D.C., with Robbery in connection to the January 10, 2014, robbery of a U.S. Post Office. Franks was arrested in Washington D.C.

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Alexandria police recruits search for evidence in Lodato killing
Feb 13,2014

Several Alexandria streets were closed Tuesday as police recruits conducted a grid search in the area where a 59-year-old woman was killed in her home last week. Almost 90 recruits were dispatched to systematically check the Ridge Road Drive area.

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Ruthanne Lodato killed in double shooting
Feb 07,2014

For 20 years, Ruthanne Lodato taught for 'Music Together Alexandria' out of this church in Alexandria's Del Ray neighborhood. "Great family, really well-known in Alexandria, it's just shocking!" says nearby resident Tom Waters. Neighbors say Lodato was a mother

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Springfield Man Charged With Sex Offenses - Source Alexandria News
Feb 06,2014

An ongoing investigation resulted in the arrest Tuesday of Patrick Wietz, 24, of 9246 Rockefeller Lane. Wietz was charged with attempting to take indecent liberties with children under 15 years old

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