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Alexandria Police Arrest Two After Bank Robbery - Source Alexandria news
Dec 02,2015

The Alexandria Police Department has made two arrests in a robbery that occurred at the PNC Bank in the 800 block of N. Washington Street this morning.

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Police Report Armed Robbery of Business in West End - Source Patch
Dec 01,2015

The Alexandria Police Department is investigating an armed robbery Monday night of a business in the 300 block of N. Ripley Street in the City’s West End (see map below)

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Alexandria armed robbery under investigation
Nov 27,2015

Two suspects with a firearm stole cash from a victim in Alexandria on Thursday, Alexandria police said. The robbery happened in the 100 block of N. Ripley Street. Nobody was injured

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Woman raped, abducted at gunpoint from Alexandria hotel room
Nov 27,2015

woman was raped at gunpoint in an Alexandria hotel last week, police said Wednesday. Police publicized the assault Wednesday in an attempt to solicit information from the public about the crime. A suspect has not been arrested.

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Police Report Purse-Snatching Sunday in Alexandria - Source Patch
Nov 24,2015

The Alexandria Police Department is investigating a purse snatching that took place Sunday night in the 3800 block Florence Drive (see map below). The street includes a parking lot for a cluster

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Police seek man in fatal shooting in Southeast Washington - Source Washington post
Nov 19,2015

D.C. police have named a suspect in the shooting death earlier this month of a 19-year-old man in Southeast Washington.

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D.C. police investigate shooting death in Southeast Washington - Source Washington post
Nov 17,2015

A 24-year-old California man has been identified after he was shot and killed in Southeast Washington.

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FBI Seeks Information On Forever Loyal Bandit - Source Alexandria news
Nov 09,2015

The FBI confirms the Forever Loyal Bandit, an unknown serial bank robber, struck again today, Nov. 6, in Arlington, Virginia. The Forever Loyal Bandit has now struck five times since June 2014.

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