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National Waffle Day: The Top 5 In Old Town Alexandria
Aug 25,2017

Thursday marks National Waffle Day, Not to be confused with International Waffle Day, Aug. 24 celebrates the day the first U.S. patent was established for the waffle iron in 1869.

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Amazon: We're lowering Whole Foods prices on Monday
Aug 25,2017

Amazon said Thursday that its takeover of Whole Foods (WFM) will close on Monday, and its first order of business will be to make some items more affordable, according to a release.

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Carnival of Chocolates - 2017
Aug 23,2017

Chocolate tastings from several local chocolatiers, live music, games, raffles and more!! Tokens for chocolate tastings will be available for purchase at the event. All proceeds

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Alexandria Duck Donuts Is Releasing Special Solar Eclipse Donuts
Aug 18,2017

As if you needed one more reason to get excited Monday, Duck Donuts will be celebrating the total solar eclipse on Aug. 21 with a specially-themed assortment of donuts.

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You Know Pineapple and Pearls Serves Snacks and Drinks on the Patio, Right? - Source Washingtonian
Aug 15,2017

We've been conditioned to think that the best restaurants require some kind of hurdle. Surely, you’ll have to wait an hour or two in line. Or you’ll have to remember to make a reservation months in advance.

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Get Tibetan Food Delivered From This Immigrant-Driven DC Startup - Source Washingtonian
Aug 08,2017

Ever since Georgetown MBA graduate Noobstaa Philip Vang launched the food delivery service Foodhini in October of last year, Washingtonians have been

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The Columbia Room Wins "Best American Cocktail Bar" - Source Washingtonian
Jul 25,2017

The Columbia Room has gathered consistent national praise since reopening in Shaw last year, including “best” nods from Esquire and Bon Appetit. Drink Company partners

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Z-Burger is Offering Free 'Nothing Burgers' Tuesday - Source Washingtonian
Jul 18,2017

Good news for the cynics of the world. You’ve always said that nothing comes free. Well, this Tuesday at Z-Burger, that’s true.

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