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You Know Pineapple and Pearls Serves Snacks and Drinks on the Patio, Right? - Source Washingtonian
Aug 15,2017

We've been conditioned to think that the best restaurants require some kind of hurdle. Surely, you’ll have to wait an hour or two in line. Or you’ll have to remember to make a reservation months in advance.

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Get Tibetan Food Delivered From This Immigrant-Driven DC Startup - Source Washingtonian
Aug 08,2017

Ever since Georgetown MBA graduate Noobstaa Philip Vang launched the food delivery service Foodhini in October of last year, Washingtonians have been

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The Columbia Room Wins "Best American Cocktail Bar" - Source Washingtonian
Jul 25,2017

The Columbia Room has gathered consistent national praise since reopening in Shaw last year, including “best” nods from Esquire and Bon Appetit. Drink Company partners

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Z-Burger is Offering Free 'Nothing Burgers' Tuesday - Source Washingtonian
Jul 18,2017

Good news for the cynics of the world. You’ve always said that nothing comes free. Well, this Tuesday at Z-Burger, that’s true.

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National French Fry Day: The Best Of Greater Alexandria
Jul 14,2017

The question isn't whether French fries are good; it's which are the best. Whether you prefer waffle fries, curly fries, or the classic cut smothered in ketchup or topped with chili cheese

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24 Healthy, Nutritionist-Approved Lunches You Can Find at Chipotle, Subway, Panera, and More - Source Washingtonian
Jul 11,2017

Standing in line at Pret A Manger, SweetGreen, or another lunch spot near your office, you do the mental math: What should I order that’s tasty, healthy, and affordable?

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This Is the Best New Burger in DC - Source Washingtonian
Jul 04,2017

I spend a lot of time eating—and making—burgers. Specifically, smash burgers. The ultra-thin, minute-a-side patties that, when you double up on them, meld into a glorious

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Fourth Of July: Best Hot Dogs Around Old Town Alexandria - Source Patch
Jun 28,2017

All hail the hot dog, the ubiquitous and uniquely American creation that for whatever reason has become a symbol for, well, simply being a U.S. citizen. That's especially true on Independence Day

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