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City of Alexandria seeking food truck feedback
Mar 18,2016

The City of Alexandria, Virginia, is hungry for some food truck feedback. The city's pilot program, allowing trucks at a few off-street locations has, so far, been underwhelming.

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Mar 15,2016

Increasingly, folk want to eat local, safe, fresh, organic greens and meats with no additives or pesticides or antibiotics or GMOs for fear of what is known and yet unknown about their effects.

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Join us for the 14th annual Carpenter's Cook-Off! - Source Patch
Mar 14,2016

Carpenter's Shelter's annual Cook-Off is a fun-filled afternoon for the whole family. While it is a delicious event, Carpenter’s Cook-Off is about more than just food. Last year

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5-Course Veuve Clicquot Pairing Dinner
Mar 09,2016

Ruth's celebratory spirit was the inspiration behind this 5-course dinner featuring Veuve Clicquot. Sip the bubbly nuances of La Grande Dame

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Hands-On Chocolate Easter Egg Decorating Class
Mar 09,2016

Every Easter holiday, chocolatiers across Italy create ornately decorated chocolate eggs of all shapes and sizes, an Italian tradition that endured centuries.

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Fainting Goat Raclette Party
Mar 02,2016

Deep in the valley of the Swiss Alps, the Raclette tradition was born, where local herdsmen would set up camp in the colder months and melt cheese on rocks near

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Public House Leap Day Party
Feb 25,2016

Leap Day isn't your average day- we wanted to celebrate it here by offering happy hour ALL DAY!

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Chef Tony's Mushroom & Port Lasagna Dinner
Feb 18,2016

Chakula is a service that connects talented local chefs with friendly food lovers who want to enjoy a delectable homecooked meal. Come break bread with us!

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