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Down In Richmond « Politics
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Dueling Gun Rallies Held at Virginia Capitol
Jan 16,2018

Demonstrators for and against gun control held rallies on the Capitol grounds Monday, highlighting an issue that has sharply divided Republicans and Democrats.

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Women's Rights Groups Urge Virginia to Ratify ERA
Jan 16,2018

The fight to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in Virginia has gained momentum with the national discourse about sexual harassment and gender equity and social media campaigns such as #MeToo and #YesAllWomen.

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Virginians Urge Legislators to Expand Medicaid
Jan 04,2018

A procession of health-care advocates urged state legislators Wednesday to expand Medicaid and increase funding for Virginians with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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As the population grays, Alzheimer's and dementia threat looms
Dec 19,2017

Over the next eight years, the number of Virginians with Alzheimer’s disease will swell by nearly 36 percent, to about 190,000, according to the Alzheimer’s Association.

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Richmond ranks high in violent crime
Nov 20,2017

Richmond had one of the highest murder rates last year among mid-size U.S. cities, according to an analysis of local and federal data.

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Virginia man loses bid for license plate with Trump insult
Oct 06,2017

A Virginia man has lost his appeal to keep a personalized license plate that appears to contain an obscene message about President Donald Trump. The license plate on Donald Butler's

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Illegal voting in Virginia? Yes. Massive? Doubtful.
Jun 23,2017

For years, Republicans have loudly proclaimed that voter fraud is widespread in U.S. elections – and just as adamantly, Democrats have insisted that such allegations are nonsense.

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Colleges must provide counseling after a student suicide
Jun 13,2017

When a college student commits suicide, it can shake the campus to its core, as other students struggle with grief, perhaps guilt and a range of emotions.

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