BUZZWORTHY/ Celebrating Alexandria's Rich Historic Heritage with a Garden Party
Jun 21,2013

Photo by Allison Priebe Brooks
Frank Fannon and friend congratulated Franco Landini on his preservation award from The Historic Foundation of Alexandria for The Fish Market and Pops Ice Cream

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - What better way to celebrate the rich history of Alexandria than with a pre-summer garden party in the heart of Old Town's Historic District.
The Historic Alexandria Foundation held their annual garden party in the heart of Old Town at the gorgeous home of Mrs. Russell Murray

Photo by Allison Priebe Brooks
Ruthie Apelt, Mary Sterling and Jill McClure
welcomed guest to the elegant garden party

The foundation handed out historic plaques to the Patricia and Miguel Estrada of 1105 Prince Street and Lynn Rogerson of 121 Duke Street.  To be considered for a plaque, a home must be at least 100 years old and follow strict criteria.
The Historic Alexandria Foundation believes that buildings provide an essential link to the past, reminding us of who we are and where we came from.
Incorporated in 1954, the Historic Alexandria Foundation's mission is to educate, advocate and preserve history in Old Town Alexandria.
As a charitable foundation, the foundation serves as an advocate for thoughtful and meaningful preservation and rehabilitation of historic buildings.
The foundation has helped protect and preserve hundreds of irreplaceable buildings - also advocating for preservation by urging policy makers, developers and citizens to consider the value of historic buildings.

Photo by Allison Priebe Brooks
Picture perfect weather and a gorgeous
home made for a perfect afternoon for the Historic
Alexandria Foundation's Annual Garden Party

Grants were awards to The Athenaeum for $6,400, Gadsby's Tavern for $4,200, The Stabler-Leadbeater Apothecary Museum for $2,500 and The Lee-Fendall Museum for $3,500.  
Preservation Awards were given to The Fish Market and Pops Ice Cream, accepted by Franco and Noe Landini, and also to The Old Town Theatre's Rob Kaufman and Barbara and Errol deMontille of 227 South Fairfax Street.
Historic preservation is saving Alexandria’s past, cultural heritage, and historic built environment.  The Historic Alexandria Foundation works diligently to preserve because they maintain they are truly concerned with conservation, maintenance, protection, and repair.  
To learn more about the Foundation visit 

Photo by Allison Priebe Brooks
Guests enjoyed the gorgeous home of Mrs. Russell Murray at The Historic Alexandria Foundation Annnual Garden Party
Photo by Allison Priebe Brooks
Twig Murray is flanked by friends and supporters at her mother's home for The Historic Alexandria Foundation

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