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Lovers of British Comedy, This is your play..

Kirsten Obadal
By Kirsten Obadal
Posted on Jun 06,2011
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Photo by Shane Canfield <br /> <br />Erik Harrison (Alistair Spenlow) and Katie Zitz (Sylvie)
Photo by Shane Canfield
Erik Harrison (Alistair Spenlow) and Katie Zitz (Sylvie)

ALEXANDRIA, VA. - Lovers of British comedy, don’t miss this.
The little Theater knocks the ball out of the park with “Move over Mrs. Markham.”  
The play is set in early 1970’s England, in the home of a very upwardly mobile, upper middle class couple.  Never has more fun been poked at bourgeois affectations and the things people do to maintain their lifestyle.  

Photo by Shane Canfield <br /> <br />Shelagh Roberts (Joanna Markham) and Erik Harrison (Alistair Spenlow)
Photo by Shane Canfield
Shelagh Roberts (Joanna Markham) and Erik
Harrison (Alistair Spenlow)

The play is also about friendship, and the secrets our friends keep for us.  However, it is possible to get lost in a cobweb of lies when there are too many secrets, and this is played up to hilarious effect in this fine production.
Speaking of British upper middle class affectation, the costuming by Jean Schlichting and Kit Sibley was right on the mark and delightful to behold.  It captured both the fastidiousness and at times the eccentricity that characterizes British fashion with a careful use of color and attention to detail.  
Lighting design was also notable, as a sunset gradually evolved through a bedroom window during the first act.
The cast was strong and on the whole, the British accents affected for the performance rang true.   The male lead, Philip Markham, was played by actor James Raby.  His performance was, in British parlance, simply spot on.  He effectively portrayed an obtuseness that was convincing and sparked the comedy of various scenes.  
This was essential, as much of the comedy was driven by poor communication or misunderstandings arising from mistaken assumptions each character held, as well by ambiguities in common speech.  

Photo by Shane Canfield <br /> <br />Charles Boyington (Henry Lodge) and James Raby (Philip Markham)
Photo by Shane Canfield
Charles Boyington (Henry Lodge) and James
Raby (Philip Markham)

Also in the cast was Shelagh Roberts (Joanna Markham), Erik Harrison (Alistair Spenlow) Katie Zitz (Sylvie), Jennifer Finch (LIna Lodge), Charles Boyington (Henry Lodge), Peter Alden Hyde (Walter Pangbourne), Billie Williams (Olive Harriet Smythe), and Suzanne Behsudi (Miss Wilkinson).
Finally, a tip of the hat to the director, Albert Coia, who kept scenes moving along and selected a truly funny play.

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