Reports of cougar sighting in Alexandria

Be careful if you frequent the area near Riverside Elementary School in Alexandria. There have been two reports of early morning sightings of a large cat over the past few days -- possibly a cougar -- near the school, according to Fairfax County Police.

Spin the wheel and win with Local’s Kicks’ Pin Me Local at the Art Festival this weekend

Spin the wheel and win with local Kicks during the art Festival. Local Kick’s Pin Me local will be at booth SQ7 which is located in the Square near King and Fairfax Streets. We will be giving away free gifts all day Saturday and Sunday. Please support our online magazine and stop by this weekend.

A Streetcar Named Desire: Enduring Classic Unflinchingly Connects Love Triangle’s Fantasies, Realities

No curtain opened on this opening night; rather, the audience could absorb Baron Pugh's stark and claustrophobic two-room apartment set design immediately and throughout the play. As frequent theatergoer and Russian literature enthusiast Patrick Estrada

Is Firehook closing on King Street?

Walking down the street to get my usual lunch from Firehook on king street, I was surprised with signs all over the windows and the doors locked. Firehook is closed for renovations. It sounds normal but several near by retailers expressed concern that they might be closing

Marriage of newlyweds, ages 96 and 95, questioned

In some ways, Rebecca Wright doesn't understand all the fuss over her 96-year-old mother's recent marriage. After all, she says, "Anybody who wants to get married must have a little dementia." The courts, though, and some of Wright's other relatives aren't amused. And the future for newlyweds Edith Hill, 96

Quantico Main Gate closed briefly for police activity

The Main Gate at Quantico Marine Corps base was closed briefly for police activity on Thursday afternoon. At about 2:45 p.m. a bomb-sniffing dog pointed out a vehicle at the main gate at Fuller Road, the Marine Corps reported.

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